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SKUA Nature Magazine

was born out of a need to communicate our philosophy, to give a voice to nature by putting it back at the center of priorities, and to promote our projects by spreading awareness and sensitizing as many people as possible.

This magazine addresses issues affecting nature in all its forms, with the intention of supporting and highlighting sustainable tourism, which can have a positive economic impact and enable action to protect wildlife and the environment.

We believe that this magazine is an important tool to raise awareness among those who have not yet approached or had direct experience with these issues. We believe that nature can be contagious and that greater knowledge leads to an ever-increasing need for in-depth study. SKUA Nature Magazine focuses on environmental culture as well as photography, travel and anthropology, and seeks to reframe the relationship between humans and nature in a more harmonious and sustainable way.

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In  this issue


The wolf

and the silence comeback in Europe

Today the howling of wolves can be heard again. One of those miracles that happen thanks to the slow but steady change of nature.

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In this issue


Traditional pastoralism

Intertwined destinies of humanity and animals

Second only to the dog, which has lived in close contact with man for more than 15,000 years, goats, sheep, and cows are among the first animals to have been domesticated.

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